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This week we have some billboards to obstruct the beautiful skyline of whatever crumby place you live.

In order of appearance - Jehanne Junguenet // Nick Nyren // Tyler Haywood // DJ Richmond // Johnny Chew // Andy Crosby // Dave Powers // Trevor Carmick

Here they are ladies and germs; our full page ads for our companies!

We got Jehanne Junguenet with Rush Meets Mush, Trevor Carmick with Beer for Editors, Tyler Haywood with Northern Borders, DJ Richmond with Rise Above the Rest, Johnny Chew with Straight from the Heavens, Dave “The Beanable Bean Boy” Powers with Beanable Banking, Andy Crosby with Northern Borders sweet car on a plate and last but certainly not least Nick Nyren with Put Your Head in the Cloud!

See you silly gooses next week!

Oh man what a special day today is! We’ve got a late entry into the BrewSixtySix branding exercise with Dave “Beanable Banking” Powers. Here are his logos and business card and we will have another post shortly with a bunch of awesome full page ads for our companies. Stay tuned BrewHeads™!

In order of appearance we gots Tyler Hayood, Kurt Snyder, Johnny Chew, DJ Richmond, Trevor Carmick, Jehanne Junguenet, Andy Crosby.

For this month we’re doing an exercise in branding! For our first little outing we make logos for our companies.

Northern Borders (trees) Tyler Haywood // Northern Borders (sled dog) Jehanne Junguenet // Cloud 9 (minimalist) DJ Richmond // Cloud 9 (banner) Johnny Chew // Northern Borders (banner) Kurt Snyder // Northern Borders (car) Andy Crosby // Cloud 9 (letters) Nick Nyren // Jumpcut Brewing Trevor Carmick

This is the last set of t-shirts, stay tuned for an exciting M. Night Shyamalan twist!

Boston Strong by Courtney White. Teel, Orange, and Cage by Tyler Haywood. Coffin by Johnny Chew. Elephant by Nick Nyren. Dino Clock by Jehanne Junguenet.

Everyone relax, Undertaker beat CM Punk and his streak lives at 21-0.

Tyler = Wrestlemania \// Johnny = Race Bannon Punching the shit out of some guy //\ Andy Crosby = All Your Bass \// Courtney White = Square Head

We ain’t no April fools.

Fix it in Post = Trevor Carmick // Oreo = Jehanne Junguenet // Pizza = Courtney White // Buffalo = Johnny Chew // Consuming Hate = Andy Crosby // Where You At = Tyler Haywood// Medusa by Ben Salerno


Champion by Tyler Haywood : Upgrade by Connie Yip : When it Rains by Courtney White : Eyes by Johnny Chew : Angels with Filthy Souls by Andy Crosby : Space Shuttle by John McCarthy : Jets by John McCarthy : 80085 by Jehanne Junguenet

Hear ye hear ye! Our new Brew66 theme is shirts! And we have a nice offering of fabric to cover your naked body this week.

Tyler Haywood has got both the awesome ship shirt and the Arnold shirt. New comer to the party Eric Funk has his would-be-super-cool uncle Terry Funk. Johnny Chew has his favorite genre shirt, a blueprint of the Saturn V rocket. John McCarthy has the super slick ski lift shirt. Trevor Carmick has the industry standard Fix It In Post hoodie. And Jehanne Junguenet puns us hardcore with Joan of Art. Courtney White with a late entry that has some nice colors but more importantly - cloud vomit.

See you nerds next week.

<3 <3 New albums <3 <3

Animal Collective by Courtney White - Boards of Canada by Johnny Chew - From Monument to Masses by Tyler Haywood - Hooray For Earth by Andy Crosby - Reel Big Fish by Trevor Carmick

Next week we’ll be comin’ back with a new theme so hold onta ya butts!







Mo’ Mondays Mo’ Problems Sucka.

We got Courtney White with the Flamings Lips, we got Tyler Haywood with Seidenmatt, we got Johnny Chew with Sigur Ros, we got Andy Crosby with Band of Horses, we got That’s Enough Anne by Jehanne Junguenet, and we got Sex Bob-Omb by Ben Salerno. 

Chya chya chya.

A busy week and a long weekend couldn’t stop us from making awesome album art! Except Trevor, your dad is gonna hate this one.

Blackfire Revelation by Johnny Chew // Jar of Olives by Tyler Haywood // Pink Floyd by Andy Crosby // Tap Dancing by Trevor Carmick.